Kakadu Plum (also known as gubinge, billygoat plum or murunga)

is an Australian native bush plant that grows natively across the top end of Northern Australia and the Kimberley. Looking like a small yellow plum, traditionally, the Aboriginal people would eat both the fruit and seed raw. The sap was roasted and the bark was boiled and used to treat skin conditions and sores, or drunk as a tea to heal cold and flues. 

For many centuries, and still today Kakadu Plum is considered a gift from the Dreamtime. 

and why is it good for you?

The Kakadu Plum has been recorded to contain the highest level of natural Vitamin C content globally - more than 100 times that of oranges. It has five times higher anti-oxidant capability than the blueberry, which is renowned worldwide as the 'health promoting fruit'. 

Because of this rich vitamin C content, it also displays superior antioxidant properties which is believed to hold a number of benefits for human health. 

Vitamin C is known to potential have role in building a healthier immune system, fighting allergens and sustaining health overall. Eating antixidant- rich fruits and foods in general is a great way to reduce your risk of developing certain diseases and conditions. Kakadu Plum is jam packed with antioxidants. 

Our Kakadu Plum contains 108mg of natural vitamin C per serve (3g).