Did you know there are over 5000 native bush food varieties? 

We have the oldest foods on earth grown in our own backyard. But we could lose them. 

We believe in an Australia where Indigenous people and culture thrive.

But everyday Australians struggle to engage with and support our traditional Australians. 

We want to change perceptions. We want to change behaviours. We want to celebrate our brush foods and bring them into more and more homes around Australia. 




Sitting having a morning green smoothie one day, our founder, Tahlia Mandie asked herself: 

"Does Australia not have its own homegrown native superfood?"

And one day, we realised there are Aboriginal communities and families growing one of our country's most amazing fruits, Kakadu Plum, and we knew we had to share this magical fruit with the world. 

That's why we started Kakadu Plum Co. To share this magical fruit. To connect with communities. To make a difference to the Australia Native Food Industry. 

As someone once said to me, "Anything that is grown in our own backyard has got to be better for you." 

This is Kakadu Plum.


At Kakadu Plum Co. we commit ourselves to being able to contribute to the Aboriginal Indigenous communities. The value and magic of native Indigenous bush food has been generally unknown to non-Indigenous people for years. Now, Kakadu Plum Co. wants to bring awareness about the importance and value of not only Kakadu Plum, but the Australian Native Food Industry as a whole. 

By increasing awareness we hope to expand the cultivating process that not only will provide more fruit for everyone to enjoy, but will hopefully provide a greater working ecosystem for Aboriginal families and communities that often lack funds and resources to sustain the growing demand. Our Kakadu Plum Powder has been wildcrafted from a community in the Kimberly Region.

We are strongly committed to helping and supporting the communities in what ever way we can. All our products are ethically sourced. Price per kilo is set by the community leader. In 2015 one community picked about 3 tonne of Kakadu Plum that gave an income of around $70,000 to be shared with community members and pickers.  

Through the continued purchases of our products, we are able to continue to buy stock and product from the Aboriginal communities. Without these purchases, without you, we would not be able to make this impact. 



At Kakadu Plum Co. we want to continue our impact as far and wide as we can. Our products are packaged locally in Melbourne by a company that employs individuals with a disability. Not only providing the highest standards in food preparation and handling, our packing company provides an ecosystem and employment for people in need. We are proud to be able to provide impact on this level as well.